Food Services

Syndian Natural Food Products specialises in producing and distributing vegetarian products to the food industry. All our products are vegan and gluten free.

Being both the manufacturer and distributor of our products means that we can always provide you with prompt service and the freshest quality.

At Syndian we've designed our products to meet the needs and requirements of food service industry. We have taken into account the type of product and packaging for easy handling, versatility, quality and great taste. The result is a product that you will feel confident and proud of to serve to your clients (have a look at serving ideas).

So if you are a chef, caterer, café owner, restaurant owner, or a supplier to other services we are confident that you will find our products of great value to your business.

Gluten Free Wrap Gluten Free Wrap
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International Standards Certifications HACCP/R61/0741