Four New Curry Meals



We are pleased to announce the introduction of a whole new range of Syndian Ready Meals.  These meals, with their Indian inspired flavours, include wholesome Brown Rice, to make them a complete meal for one.  Four great flavours to choose from:          




1.            Pumpkin Masala                                                                 

2.            Dal Makhani  (Lentil and Black eye bean Curry)

3.            Aloo Mutter (Potato and Peas Curry)

4.            Aloo Tikka Masala (eggplant and potato Masala)


It’s taken many months to perfect the traditional flavours and textures, whilst keeping to our tradition of only using all Natural Ingredients and only ensuring minimal processing requirements.  And of course like all SYNDIAN products they had to be completely Gluten Free and Vegan!

All spices, and  spice mixes used in these meals we formed and combined in-house at our  manufacturing facility, no readymade spice blends, commercially available,  are used, this is to make sure that, beside the better flavours,  all ingredients are gluten free, 100% natural source and non-animal derivatives.

The packaging of these products will be generic to begin with until such time as all design work is complete.  We envisage this being within the next three (3) months.

Rolling out  to stores will commence  by August  1st .



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