Changes to Syndian Dips


We would like to advise the following changes to our range of Dips:

  1. Addition of 4 New Dips Products:

         We are excited to announce the addition of 4 new dips to our existing range:

Vegan Tzatziki: 200g

Chipotle Black Bean Salsa: 200g

Smokey Chipotle: 200g

Vegan Guacamole 200g

 As in Syndian tradition all our products are gluten free, vegan and made from 100% natural ingredients.

The roll-out of the above products will commence Monday November 14th 2016.

2.New Packaging Designs and Containers

We are also exited to announce the change to our existing design for our dip labels and containers, we will be publishing the new look and the new containers in the next few days via our website as well as via our social media pages. Please join us on Facebook, Instagram and twitter to  stay  updated with the new designs.

The rollout of the new packaging will commence on Monday, November 14th 2016.

3. Deletion of 4 Dips From Our Existing Range

We regret to advise the deletion of the following dips from our existing range:

        Adzuki & Kumera Dip

        Green Olive Pate

        Avocado Sauce

        Spinach Pesto

We apologies for any inconvenience, but we  hope the new flavours can be taken on board with satisfaction

4. Name Change to Aioli Plus

Although an existing favourite, we decided to change the name of Aioli Plus to Vegan Aioli,

5. Improvement To Black Olive pate’

Despite of long lasting popularity we decided to improve on our old favourite, the Black Olive Pate’ by changing the herbs used to fresh Coriander, we believe this change will contribute to making the old favourite taste even better.     

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