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Syndian was founded in year 2000. From a humble beginning Syndian grew both in the number of products  it manufactures as well as  the number of outlets Syndian products may be found in around Australia.

In July 2010, Syndian products were made available in most Coles outlets and in 2012 Woolworths made them also available in their Stores. Our products  can also be found in many of the IGA stores,  health food stores, independent supermarkets, organic and wholefood stores as well as various fruit markets around the country. Find your nearest stockist.

At Syndian one of our main objectives is: People come first. This is why we set the following principles as our guide lines:

  • Sourcing the freshest natural ingredients: we use no additives, supplements, enhancers, emulsifiers, flavourings, binders, preservatives colouring or boosters. We rely on natural ingredients to create the flavour and natural processes to give the texture and shape.
  • Original products with true flavours: we do our best to bring out the original flavours of the ingredients and therefore don't attempt to imitate flavours. For that reason we use no meat or cheese products nor do we try to imitate these flavours. Enjoy what is real, not what is make believe!
  • Organic ingredients: although we are not a certified organic food producer, we take the extra step and bear the extra expenses to use organic ingredients where possible, for example all our soy ingredients (Tofu) and some vegetables are organic. Unfortunately we cannot do this on all occasions without it having a significant impact on the final price.
  • Non GMO ingredients: at Syndian we will not knowingly use any GMO products. Most of our ingredients are certified GMO free such as all soy and canola (wheat and maize are not used as an ingredient in our manufacturing) and we continue to seek guarantees for other ingredients which either claim to be a non GMO product or have no classification.
  • Minimum processing: to us, minimum processing maximises the nutritional value and taste. We believe the more food is processed the more it loses its nutritional value and that the optimum way to guarantee the best outcome is by natural processing.
  • Highest quality in production: at Syndian we take the extra step to prevent any cross contamination between ingredients, for this reason we took the step, amongst many others, to declare our manufacturing facilities gluten free. We take all measures possible to produce a high quality product under strict hygienic conditions and adhere to best practices in food handling process. At Syndian we have been HACCAP accredited for the last two years.

At Syndian we are delighted by the fact that not only are our gluten and dairy free products enjoyed by people with special dietary needs but are also popular with other people who enjoy eating quality food. We believe food should be nutritious, taste great and most of all be fun!

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International Standards Certifications HACCP/R61/0741